Code of Practice

We will FOCUS first and foremost on the individuals who will be receiving a service. We are committed to providing a service that is person centred seeking to ensure that the service user is kept at the centre of decisions that may affect their lives.

“Focus carers are kind, thoughtful, responsible and reliable and I have no qualms in the timing or the quality of care provided to my son in my absence. They quickly became a part of our family unit rather than employees.”

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We will FOCUS on developing a workforce who are skilled and equipped to provide a standard of support that more than meets expectations.

We will FOCUS on keeping up to date with current knowledge, trends and legislation.

We will FOCUS on providing good quality support and care to a standard that supersedes National Minimum Standards. We will actively seek the views of Service Users, Families, Local Authority and Support Staff, with the aim of identifying weaknesses and building on strengths.

We will FOCUS on building strong working relationships with Health, Social Services, and Voluntary Agencies to bring about the principles set out in the Welsh Assembly guidance, Service Principles Service Response and latterly the Welsh Assembly Statement on Policy and Practice. To ensure that people with disabilities should have:

- The right to an ordinary pattern of life within the community.
- The right to be treated as an individual.
- The right to additional help and support in developing their maximum potential.